41 Day 106 – Laughing Cow

Well, I knew what I wanted to photograph tonight but boy did it become harder than I imagined! I thought that the British countryside was full of dairy cows, the lovely black and white cows that dot our landscape…but I was wrong! Driving round the villages close to where I live I scanned field after field, after all they are fairly easy to spot….but all I found was empty pasture land and fields full of sheep or bright yellow rivers of oilseed rape in full bloom. So, I headed to the last place I could think of and happily there they were…..all lying down taking their ease in the last of the afternoon’s rays, awaiting the farmer to call them in for milking. So, balancing on the edge of the fence (still wearing work shoes with 3ins heels lol) I requested that they pose (hmm ok maybe not!) as a portrait shot is a portrait of whatever you are photographing regardless of whether its a human or a cow…….and low (no pun intended) and behold this one obliged…..ok well maybe it was more of a yawn, or a chew, but to me it was smiling….just for me!