41 Day 108 – Telegraph Sky

Yeap, I know…..I missed day 108! Well i didnt actually miss it I just went to 109 instead of 108! So here is the missing day!

I walked out of home this morning and wow….the sky was fab, it almost looked marbled, like an artist had brushed the clouds in a hurry and left them all unfinished. So I skipped back inside and got my camera and started to snap away, this angle, that angle, to the right and to the left….as I snapped the light came and went, playing hide and seek behind the clouds, not strong enough to force sunbeams through although there were one or two, but enough to amplify the clouds agianst the sky. I bought a copy of Black and White Photography this morning so decided to try a bit of conversion and see what you think…as you know Im not a fan of editing photos but converting to black and white I think is acceptable!


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