41 Day 110 – Retyred

Bit of a play on words there! There are a couple of tyre fitting centres in my town and I happened to be walking past this one after closing time and noted the large pile of old worn tyres mainly because of the patterns they are stacked in. So probably looking most suspicious I pointed the lens through the gap in the railings and started to shoot. I love the way that the tread marks on the tyres are all different patterns, but they all boil down to the same thing, black worn rubber, redundant, spent, removed from the vehicles they served and stacked high awaiting their fate…..as the title implies ‘Retired’.



4 thoughts on “41 Day 110 – Retyred

    • Asfordby isnt far away at all! Remarkable that you have ended up in California! My companies head office is in Sacramento California so maybe a link there! Thanks for stopping by!

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