41 Day 111 – Lone Barn

I dont often take shots of buildings, but I think I may start to look for more! The buildings around you seem to merge away into the scenery and almost get lost amongst the more eye catching things that surround us, how often do you actually really study your home from the outside, probably only when its time to decorate, or after a storm to check the rooftiles! How often do you actually consider the shape and form of the place you work in, after all you spend so much time there! Old barns, cottages, high rise office blocks, new, old, derelict or historic there are just so may buildings that man has thown upon the landscape, used, abused, loved and loathed….whatever your take on the buildings around you they were thought of, designed, constructed and used by man…..amazing every one of them! This one is in a field not far from where I live, the stone is somewhat weathered and appears to be reasonably old although the original roof has gone and is now topped by a more modern tin sheeting, there are timbers supporting the roof and Id like to think that its a haven for wildlife, field mice and their adversary the Barn owl….I may have to return to find out one night!



3 thoughts on “41 Day 111 – Lone Barn

  1. As I drive around to various locations, I’ve passed many buildings in farms, standing derelict. I’ve often thought Id like to go back and take pictures of them, perhaps use some of them as backdrops using off camera strobes… maybe one day! Inspiration gained!

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