41 Day 112 – The Great British Countryside

On what can only be described as a simply gorgeous summers day you cant help but feel drawn into the English countryside. Living in the Midlands is as far as you can get from the beaches or the mountains, but it has that old fashioned style of farming land, the feel of being lost in a time long ago, far from cars and motorways…just the sounds of the grass, the hedgerows and birds chorusing to celebrate the end of winter and the start of summer. Today I even caught the high pitched song of the Skylark, a real sign that warmer weather has arrived. But for me its the sheer tranquility of being able to stand and look around and see field after field, miles of hedgerows and sense that there is an abundance of wildlife thriving, but know that there is still a piece of old England, unspoilt and utterly unlike anywhere else in the World…and the best thing…..it’s my home!



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