41 Day 118 – Garden Delight

Gardening and flowers, borders and containers….regardless of what it is as long as its in the garden I love it! I have always had a fascination for gardens for as long as I can remember. All my grandparents were exceptionally good at gardening and growing and they all used to take the time to show me different plants and vegetables and explain their names and what they were. My Maternal grandfather George was a superb gardener and from the moment I could toddle accross his immaculate striped lawn he shared his passion of all things horticulture with me. I dont remember this but my parents say that he used to pick me up in his arms and walk me round all the plants and veg and tell me the Latin names as well as the common names…apparently I was the ony one allowed to pick the tomatoes from the greenhouse! I definately remember the smell of them, so fresh and tasty…..I also remember landing up sat in the cucumber cold frame!!! Now I am older I indulge my passion further by visiting National Trust Gardens and houses, camera at the ready of course! These little beauties were a little closer to home tonight, residing in a front garden 4 dooors up the road! I asked permission to photograph them and the lady was more than happy for them to become stars of this blog!


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