41 Day 120 – Out Foxed

The house I live in has a fabulous piece of ground behind it which used to be an old orchard, unfortunately I dont own it but you get a great view of it from my bedroom window. At the moment there are a couple of foxes that have adopted it as their home, and if you stay long enough you get a glimpse of them going about their business. This morning I looked out of the window to see what the weather was doing and there they were, one was walking around and disappeared behind the fence whilst the other one decided to settle down for a wash and a kip! (must have had a hard night on the town!) It was lovely to see them and so out in the open! So I grabbed the camera and took a few photos to see what came out on this my last blog of May, now these are not the best images, the lens was at full stretch and so I apologise for the lack of sharpness but I was so happy to be watching them that technicality went out the window! This one was oblivious to my efforts and settled down to sleep…..I wonder if foxes dream???


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