41 Day 121 – Then there were 3!

Yesterdays post brought you a little moment of fun from behind my back garden. Wildlife is few and far between in our towns and so to see a countryside animal surviving in a town is always a remarkable testiment to the resilience of these animals. But then, just as I thought things couldnt get any better……the parents appeared with 2 cubs! Now one of the parents disappeared but left the other to do the babysitting! And boy did those cubs want to play! Again I was a bit annoyed as my lens is a bit slow and couldnt keep pace with the lightening speed of these foxes so lots of very blurry out of focus shots appeared, but here are just a few of the sharper ones to share with you the fun and laughs I had with these 3!

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2 thoughts on “41 Day 121 – Then there were 3!

  1. Oh, you’re so lucky. We don’t get any mammalian wildlife here (NZ) at all except pests such as stoats/weasels (which you never see anyway) and rabbits and possums but rarely.

    • We have quite a lot of native wildlife here but the habitats are dinddling and so they are getting rarer by the minute. My next challenge is to photograph the Red Squirrel!! Thanks for your comment its great to hear from you!

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