41 Day 124 – The Day After the Party

So today is the last of the Jubilee celebrations and the cleaning up is well underway. The streets are looking post party with wet bunting dripping from the buildings they adorned and plastic flags that were only recently flying high from car windows are now clogging up the gutters. Funny how festivities take on a different atmosphere after the event, that come down, the inevitable low after the high, that back to normal feeling. Makes you wonder for a moment how The Queen feels…..or is it all in a days work for her? Is one day after another one long party for her or does she get that back to work feeling? I wonder if she fell into her slippers with a nice mug of tea after all the parties and celebrations having clocked in and clocked out, done her hours, added some overtime? Well Im sure its not quite like that for her but for the rest of us mere mortals its that familiar back to work sensation, looking ahead to the next holiday when for a moment we can be something other than a worker with a job to be done….


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