41 Day 125 – The End…Or The Beginning?

In my town there are many buildings standing empty or derelict….a forgotten workplace that once saw hundreds of workers with skill and trades pass through the doors daily to manually go about their traditions and labour for their rewards. The knitwear industry as I have blogged before was prolific in Hinckley and employed most of the men and women for years, from a young age children were employed to sweep the floors and keep the skilled workers working. But having walked around the towns back streets you see a different town, a neglected forgotten history, many people who would have gone into the factories now unemployed and resigned to a life on the sofa with tax payers money putting food in the cupboards. These buildings were a group of factories where the raw materials came in and were turned into clothes, one shows the old loading doors high up in the building where the wool would have been hoisted off the carts and wagons up to the top of the building ready for processing, another shows the dying houses where the bland fibres would have been turned rainbow colours. Sad that now the buildings are empty, derelict and silent, no workers shouting across the floors, no sound from the machines and no soul……destined to become another block of flats as souless as the ghosts that wander there…..


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