41 Day 126 – A Rollercoaster Ride

Life is a rollercoaster just got to ride it! Lyrics from a cheesy pop song a few years ago! But it perfectly sums up the post today…….it doesnt matter what life throws at you you just have to learn to deal with it and make the best of a situation. This photo is from a while ago but Ive used it as the weather has been so wet of late that I havent really had chance to do any interesting shots so I raided this one from a trip to Blackpool. Now Im not a fan of rollercoasters, they make me sick and my knees go to jelly! But I was tempted onto this one (well more like dragged!) and I can honestly say I hated ever single second of that ride! The only saving grace was that I managed to eek out a couple of shots before I was plunged into the abiss! Goodness knows how I managed to shoot as I was shaking so much! But thats the photographer taking over! So out of a very terrifying experience came a couple of ok shots…..and a promise never to repeat the experience!


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