41 Day 127 – A Bee’s Perspective

Wandering round the garden today in a fleeting moment of sunshine I stopped to inspect the plants growing in the borders and see how much damage the recent rain storms have done to my young runner bean plants. The beans seem to have faired quite well and are rapidly climbing the sticks so Im really optimistic that I shall have a good crop before too long. Unfortunately my Lupins and Geraniums have taken a battering and were flopped all over the lawn, but having risked a rather huge spider in the shed I located some canes and propped them back up to face the sunshine again. Ive taken some images of the flowers but Ive tried to change the perspective from the normal flower shot and shoot along the lines of a bumble bee approaching the flower……just to see what they may see!


6 thoughts on “41 Day 127 – A Bee’s Perspective

    • Thank you so much! I never set out to write this blog as anything other than a learning experience, but the comments I am receiving are really spurring me on so thank you for taking the time!

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