41 Day 127 – Under my Umbrella

No, not the tune by Rhianna, but where most of Britain seems to be residing at the moment….even though it is supposed to be the height of Summer! To be honest most of the time Im just running from house to car, or car to office etc so doesnt really warrant the use of the umbrella, but it has come in mighty useful of late! But did you know that the humble brolly was infact invented over 4000yrs ago! Drawings in Egyptian tombs and paintings from ancient China as well as ancient artifacts show the use of such an item, mostly to give shade from the sun with the Chinese being the first to waterproof their brollies.  The word umbrella actuallycomes from the Latin word Umbra, meaning shade or shadow. The first all umbrella shop in England was called “James Smith and Sons”. The shop opened in 1830, and is still located at 53 New Oxford Street in London, England, and although the brolly was the preserve of women the man responsible for men taking up the umbrella was Jonas Hanway in the 18th century, hence the fact that English gentleman often referred to their umbrellas as a “Hanway.” So get out your brollies and celebrate the rainy days!! (mine has incy wincy spider all over it! If you dont know the rhyme, check it out below:






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