41 Day 128 – Glitterbug

The skies are grey and the light as flat as the landscape, this is when photographic inspiration either rises to the surface or deserts you. Can you come up with something different even when there is nothing but familiarity and sameness around…..no big landscape or rolling sky, this is when you are tested writing a daily blog like this…..and tonight was no exception. So, what to do, resort to a library image…….I considered it, for a second, write the day off and try again tomorrow…….definately not……so what to do? Then I saw it, a tiny decorative butterfly that was in fact purchased as a Christmas decoration for my tree, only it got left on the twigs that fill a corner of my lounge, small but beautifully theatrical with it’s sequins and glitter! A few inches in stature but boy does it sparkle and shimmer, a tiny gem to catch the eye, reflected light transformed into multicoloured bokeh……a truly simple adormnment that catches the eye and holds your attention, light camera action, result!


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