41 Day 129 – Reflected Sky Puddle

Looking for something a bit different this morning I stopped on the side of the road by a field and put on the hazard lights…..I was actually looking at the shafts of light spilling from behind the clouds but my eye was drawn to a rather large muddy puddle instead. The puddle was quite murky looking and knowing I had my work shoes (3′ heels and cream in colour!) on my first action was to nake sure I didnt actually step in it! So crouching down I began to shoot, changing the white balance and exposure to try and get some depth of tone to the shots, noting that the water actually had some yellow and gold tones to it I think due to some diesel or chemical that was present. After a few minutes and approx 15 shots I was back en route to work….unsure as to how the images would look. I have seen this type of shot in other blogs a few times, but Im quite pleased with the effect….it wasnt what Id set out to capture, but photography is like that…you shoot what the eye sees, never mind what the photographer aims to achieve!


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