41 Day 130 – Seeing Double

Following on from yesterdays theme of reflections comes this image for today. It’s my adorable and sometimes rather over helpful cat Finlay who at the moment seems hell bent on assisting me with my blog, being currently curled up on my lap as I type (his usual place being alongside the laptop, or better still on top of the laptop! I guess he sees ‘laptop’ as his place, not the computers!) Anyway, as we were looking out of the window I saw that his reflection was on the glass, and so without disturbing him I reached for the camera and started to shoot. The problem being that he is so used to having the camera waved in his face that he has taken a dislike to it (I think its the flash he objects too!) and so made to jump off the windowsill, until a pidgeon landed on the telephone cables outside and he had something much more interesting to focus on! So I focused on him, focussing on the pidgeon! and hey presto……two Finlays! (now that really would be a handful!)


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