41 Day 131 – Abstract 1 Raindrops on Glass

Ok, so Im on holiday for a few days….and yeap as ever my timing is impeccable! we have the worst June weather for years and the added bonus of a so called super storm heading our way for the weekend which only occur every 50yrs according to the Met Office! So, I havent complained (too much!) and have decided to turn my attention to the rain and try to produce something positive from it……now Im not particularly good at abstract photography, to me it either works or it doesnt! So today I have tried to turn humble raindrops into something unusual. I started by simply shooting at the window and got some rather boring results…so progressed to shooting at various angles and hey not a bad result……so then I worked up and down the white balance and wow now Im getting some interesting stuff! So after then selecting some in-camera digital filters namely sepia & colour I have some nice colours & tones coming through. Finally a little bit of artistic Licence in PS and I have a nice batch of what id call abstract raindrops! Well it kept me quiet for an hour!!


6 thoughts on “41 Day 131 – Abstract 1 Raindrops on Glass

  1. You can apply the same principle to a window shot looking out to a view and call it “wishing for better weather” You can be very creative with overlays. great idea!

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