41 Day 132 – Blurred Banana!

Whilst messing around with my camera this morning I fired off a couple of shots (accidentally!) Upon looking at the LCD screen I was actually quite suprised to see a couple of quite interesting images! It just goes to show that sometimes you dont have to try very hard to achieve something a bit different. I have been following a blog for a while (although there doesnt seem to have been any posts just lately) where the photographer uses incamera effects….now what that means I dont exactly know but what I do know is that my camera doesn’t really have any (with the exception of a few filters) and their results are quite nice……generally blurred images of something where the colours have all merged and become a kind of abstract painting almost! Probably not the best description of a fellow blog, but I like to think that my accidental abstract image (of a banana) reminds me of the style of the artist Mark Rothko….so I have entitled this one ‘Banana in Yellow and Brown’ as a homage to him!


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