41 Day 137 – Fields of Flowers

One of my favorite things to photograph is flowers. Quite a few of my posts have reflected images of flowers but they have always been singular blooms, a lone tulip after the rain or a close up of a solitary rose. Well today wasn’t a bad day weather wise and so after my parents enjoyed their Sunday roast, recovered and returned home so that Dad would be ready for the big match (England V Italy) I decided to go for a walk to the common and woods that are close to where I live. There are quite a few pasture fields alongside the bridleway and I was pleased to find that although the weather has been rather wet recently, it has been to the benefit of the wild flower meadows. The first field was awash with yellow buttercups and a few yards further down the lane another field was painted with field daisies and other grasses, simply lovely! So, I have decided that the theme today is fields of flowers…..rather than the singular flower….and how lovely it is to see flowers en mass! I have also added a couple of images from past wanderings to support the theme of ‘fields of flowers’ including the Pink Poppies and Sunflowers.



One thought on “41 Day 137 – Fields of Flowers

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