41 Day 139 – The Horse

Simple, beautiful, the horse. Having owned horses in the past I came to have a small understanding of these beautiful animals and yet they still hold so much fascination for me. Once you have formed a bond with a horse you never forget what it meant at the time, they are not just simple animals to be used and abused as we humans see fit. They have great character and kindness within and if treated well will repay you with service and spirit. Having owned several horses they each had their own personalities, quirks, likes and dislikes, they are not so different from us. They too have their bad days and good days, moods and moments, but still they surrender their wild ways and conform to the saddle, the bit, they learn the commands of the riders hands and legs and display skills as asked of them. From the smallest pony to the largest heavy horse these creatures have served us for thousands of years, through war and famine, for pleasure and out of necessity, they have worked underground in mines and reached the top of their game in horse racing, show jumping, eventing, and every other human pursuit whilst carrying their master to glories attained. Yet they are still subject to terrible abuse and neglect born of human greed and selfishness. The next time you find yourself in the company of an equine just pause for a moment and consider where we would be without this gift from God…….Although the image is not my horse the post is for Spring Mischief better known as Missy, my wonderful Connemara Arab who I still miss dearly.



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