41 Day 141 – The Calm before the Storm

Today we have been subject to some rather severe weather, storms have moved across the UK unlike anything seen in recent history! My father is not one to exaggerate but he was shocked as we were battered by tornado’s and ice balls the size of tennis balls (I know its Wimbledon week but hey!) which damaged cars, smashed windows and has caused minor damage to my own home! Sitting here now writing this blog you would never have known that only hours earlier we were in the grip of a fast moving and violent thunderstorm as the sun is shining! But that’s the thing about storms, they come out of nowhere and disappear back into the atmosphere from whence they came, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake. All in all I have had quite a stormy week in more ways than one and so I have decided to post these 2 images, the calm before…….


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