41 Day 142 – Cat N Mouse

I am not a cat owner…….I am owned by my cats! I go out to work to keep a roof over their heads whilst they lounge around on sofas all day, they are fed the finest cat food available (mainly because one is a fussy eater!) and are fussed on demand…..I have decided that I am coming back as a cat! Now I know that a lot of people dislike cats with a passion, personally I can understand this as the neighborhood kitties seem hell bent on ruining my garden…..but I love my cats. They are intelligent, sensitive and above all else they give love unconditionally, well as long as you feed them! And they make great hot water bottles on a chilly winters evening! But the one thing about a cat is that you can never outwit them, they are fiercely independent and retain the killer instinct – although I wish they would remember this skill when large garden spiders appear in the Autumn or from the bath plughole!! Unfortunately my pair of felines are both completely chicken when it comes to bugs, preferring to jump on the sofa alongside their terrified servant! The closest they get to killing prey is their toy mouse…..meowing loudly whilst clutching it between their razor sharp fangs and depositing it at my feet whilst looking as smug as a cat possibly can…….as Finlay clearly demonstrates in today’s image!


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