41 Day 143 – Edge of Glory

When walking you see some amazing sights, but the thing that never ceases to amaze me is how nature can survive and thrive in the most inhospitable locations. The subject of the image today is a tree that seems to have taken root at the very edge of a steep hill, probably grown from a seed dropped by some high flying bird. Nothing else was growing in this area other than this lone tree, branches a little bare and somewhat distorted from the harsh winds that blow up the valley on the open side. My knowledge of the land does not extend to working out the prevailing wind but due to the location Id say that the winds were coming from the West across. Even on such a gloriously sunny day it was actually rather blowy and the air had a substantial chill about it! I doubt whether this tree would offer much in the way of shelter but it certainly seems to have a hardy nature and I hope that in years to come when I return it is still standing strong, a living testament to endurance…….


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