41 Day 144 – When Youre Not Looking

Its funny, when you look for something you never seem to find it. Its like going shopping with money in your pocket only to find that there is nothing you want to buy. Yet when you have no money to spare you find the shops are full of things you want! For a while now I have been searching for a poppy field in full bloom, a few years ago I found a very rare field of pink poppies but hadn’t managed to find a field of red ones, not locally anyway. I’m sure there are plenty around the UK countryside but I think the weather this year has probably not done poppies any favor’s either as it has been cold and very wet. My garden poppies lasted 24hrs before they were drenched and fell apart. But yesterday whilst en route to a friend’s house at a very early hour (for a Sunday anyway!) I slammed the brakes on and leapt out of the car with glee! For there in all their glory at the side of the road, covering a grassy bank that went on for some distance was the glorious sight of thousands of red poppies, glowing fiery hot red in the early sunlight, their heads bobbing and nodding in the breeze, flame haired girls sunbathing under a cobalt blue sky…a little bit of heaven on earth!


4 thoughts on “41 Day 144 – When Youre Not Looking

  1. I love red poppy fields! Simple, yet so brightly colored, they make for such glorious photos, especially when one is lucky enough to find whole covered hillsides of them. I love finding areas covered with orange ones as well. Lovely photos!

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