41 Day 147 – Recycling Big Style

Down the road from where I work there used to be a piece of land that was barren, void, neglected. In the last few months it has been transformed into a building site. Huge structures have been erected and deep drilling has ensured they remain upright for years to come. We are to have a new shopping centre, another commercial development purely for capitalist purposes…….making money! To me that piece of land could have been used for a wealth of endeavours, a community centre for the young, a place for all ages to go and socialise, have fun, learn and be entertained. But no, we have another shopping centre full of the same old stores selling the same old rubbish, mass produced and manufactured thousands of miles away, the cost to the environment huge as well as the cost to fill those stores with plastic, manmade disposable items that are desired, purchased and then outgrown, outdated and eventually ousted to the vast object graveyards that are the recycling plants, rubbish tips and landfill sites that scar the countryside. A recycled piece of land maybe, a recycling success??? Ask the owners of the stores, they are the ones that profit in the long run.



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