41 Day 148 – Now You See Me!

Another weekend has been and gone and although full of good intentions to write my blog I have been somewhat short on time. No excuse! Anyway, on Saturday afternoon I stopped off at one of my favourite local locations and spent an hour wandering….and yes it rained! Anyway, whilst wandering I had hoped to spot some of the local inhabitants, I wasn’t disappointed. The main problem being that the bracken which covers the park seems to have mutated into some form of giant bracken due to all the wet weather recently…..paradise to the deer that live here! So spotting them was somewhat more tricky than usual…..but this particular deer, although she tried her best to disguise herself, finally came out of hiding for a few brief moments before deciding that she’d seen it all before and wandered off to find her friends!





2 thoughts on “41 Day 148 – Now You See Me!

    • Hi! The rain is good, we needed it so we shouldnt really grumble but a little sunshine would be nice!
      The deer are fab subjects, she gave herself away as she was rustling as she moved!

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