41 Day 149 – Shelter

For what seems like an eternity we have had rain, even on days when the forecaster says that we will have dry weather it has rained! My garden has become a bog, waterlogged and squelchy (not sure that’s a real word!) Any flowering plants that I had have given up and hang low over the edges of the lawn which I have to say is looking the greenest it has ever looked! The good thing is that the local cats who seem to think my borders are their own personal toilet have also given up due to the pools of water that they would have to negotiate! But this resilient little poppy has developed its own way of dealing with the deluge…..its hung on to the green leaves that contained the petals and has created its own rain hat, making it appear to be sheltering under them in the same way that we would place our hands over our head! Very clever poppy!





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