41 Day 151 – Abstract Seed heads

Sat in my office today the weather was lovely….amazing, I actually saw the sun for the first time in what seems like forever! Blue sky and people wearing t-shirts and shorts! I arrived home late this evening after having one or two things to do and guess what? Yeap you guessed it….its raining again! So, not to be beaten I wandered for a short distance down the road and found the remains of some poppies that I shot earlier in my blog. Unfortunately they looked somewhat past their best with all the petals on the floor and just the seed heads reaching up to the skies. The contrast of the seed head against the dark green of the rest of the garden seemed to work nicely and once I managed to get the angle right it actually produced quite a nice unusual image, almost ghostly, appearing to be quite colour-less, but I like it! Another strange effect created straight out of the camera, I’m learning so much by shooting for this blog! This one is going up on the wall!





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