41 Day 152 – I Dream of a Beach

One of the blogs that I follow on here has the enviable location of being beside the sea…..for a landlocked Midlander the sea holds such allure in yet I haven’t managed to get to the coast for many years, preferring to trek North to one of my haunts, The Lakes of Cumbria. But some time ago I visited a magical place, the Isle of Arran off the Western Scottish coast, wild and rugged yet utterly beautiful and unspoilt. These are the places I long to be, places with little or no man-made construction or man-made blemishes, I guess I’m just a soul that longs for solitude, beauty and harmony…..everyday living robs you of these things, replaces them with greed, want and jealousy. I look at this image and it takes me back there, that’s what I love about capturing a scene….you can revisit it time and time again……. for those lucky enough to be able to live in a place of such beauty you are truly lucky…….and I dream of maybe one day being lucky too.





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