41 Day 153 – A Market Town

Shooting street scenes is quite a daunting thing to do. Most people are simply going about their business but the moment they see a large lens aiming at them they tend to develop stage fright or give you a well defined scowl! Some of course will smile for you and politely enquire as to the reason for your endeavours but others will actually get quite annoyed! Luckily today in my hometown of Hinckley in Leicestershire I only encountered good humoured people and managed to shoot some others without being spotted…..hard to do when you have a 28-300mm lens at full stretch! So I wandered through Market Place and up Castle Street before turning for home, pleased with my first attempt at street photography…..capturing a lady briskly walking up the hill at some pace despite her years, whilst the young man behind her sports some rather more modern tatoos….the man sat on the bench pondering his next move whilst the mobility scooters in the background sit redundant…..the fruit & veg seller happily chats to her customers……the bearded man tells a story to some friends he hasn’t seen in a long time, his face a picture in itself…..and of course the guy engrossed in his mobile phone conversation……so much to capture in ordinary life…….more courage required next time I think!





2 thoughts on “41 Day 153 – A Market Town

  1. I love the lady with the walking stick and the fellow engrossed in his mobile. If you do this regularly, people will probably get used to seeing you around. Very nice job.

    • Hi there, thanks for stopping to comment, I loved the lady too, it was funny as she was really moving! The chap with the mobile was oblivious to the fact that I was shooting him, I think the art of street photography is to really look at what is happening around you, merge in, and shoot as quickly as possible! Thanks again!

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