41 Day 155 – Something Simple Something Beautiful

Following my weekend of wanderings around my home town the weather has yet again closed in and shooting outdoors would be somewhat of a damp affair! So I decided to find a subject indoors. The first issue of shooting anything indoors in especially grey fading light is to decide how to light it. Not on this occassion. I just aimed and kept my fingers crossed! Thankfully there was enough light to give quite a nice warm glow to the object, almost as if it were bathed in sunlight…..that really would be hoping for too much! Pine cones are fabled to have the ability to forecast the weather…..I think mine have issues! I’m not sure if this task is related to pine cones still attached to the tree as mine seem to be in a permanent state of ‘open’ denoting sunshine and warm weather……of which we have had neither for at least 2 months! I prefer to think that my pine cones are simply eternal optimists!




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