41 Day 156 – Signs to make you Smile!

When you’re out and about you are bombarded by signs, road signs, shop signs, telling you where to go signs……and then sometimes you see signs that make you step back and take another look as you weren’t quite sure that you read it correctly the first time! Today I have posted a couple of signs that do just that……make you look again. These 3 made me smile…….the first was taken this evening on my drive home, its a field that I pass often but have never noticed this sign….just behind the gated entrance the sign reads  ‘Aeroplane Landing Strip Ahead’ although for the life of me I couldn’t see it and I’m really not sure I’d want to land in that field with all it’s rabbit holes! The second was  a sign in a local park that read ‘Friendship Garden Closed’…….At first it made me look through the wrought iron gates to see what a friendship garden looked like but it didn’t strike me as being anything out of the ordinary….it was more the idea that a garden based on friendship could be ‘closed’! The last was someone’s efforts at putting the world to rights, it was on a garden gate that lead to someone’s house and I have to hazard a guess that the person that lived their was a deep thinker! But to be fair I found myself not only taking the shot but walking away agreeing totally with the quote!


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