41 Day 157 – Out of my car Window I see…

As Ive said before most of my photos are taken either en route to work or back home again, leaving little window of opportunity for searching for a shot. But I’m lucky enough to pass through some nice countryside and with the clouds beginning to move away and the promise of summer round the corner my drive home didn’t disappoint. This view appeared on my right as I drove down the lane towards the main road and so on went the brakes (the handbag and most of its contents flying off the seat!) and the car was elegantly abandoned on the grass verge, hazard lights flashing! I walked across the road and onto the edge of the fields which were only a short time ago full of fluorescent yellow rape seed crops, now flattened and battered by the recent storms. The sky looked huge although the photos really don’t do it justice. So I stood and I shot…..the problem I have is that I get so mesmorised by the views that I do more looking and less shooting….but isn’t that what photography is about? Absorbing your surroundings, capturing a small piece for prosperity and revisiting it again and again?



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