41 Day 160 – Saturday Afternoon Views from The Village I Grew up In

My Father was from the city of Coventry, my Mother from a rural town in Shropshire. A few years after their marriage I arrived but Mum hated city life and so they moved to a smaller village called Burbage in Leicestershire. This was where I was to live until the age of 22 when I moved out into the town of Hinckley a mile up the road from Burbage. The two places almost merge together now but there is a really different feel in the village from that of the town. Burbage has held onto its village way of life with many cottages, churches and pubs to be found in a small area, mainly due to its prosperous past. As it was such a nice afternoon I decided to revisit some of the places I spent as a child, Burbage Congregational church’s hall was the location for the Playgroup that I attended prior to going to school, the Methodist Church hall was where I ran my dance school of 10 yrs, many happy hours spent teaching children of all ages how to dance. I drove to the centre of the village and walked around the grounds of the main church St Catherine’s with it golden weathervane shimmering in the late afternoon sunshine, and onwards to the smaller parish church of Aston Flamville, a hamlet on the outskirts of the village, a beautiful gem of a church, small and welcoming, a place you can step back in time as nothing has really changed for hundreds of years. Driving further round the village I parked up and walked onto the park where I spent hours with friends, and Saturday afternoons watching the cricket with my Dad, a match was in full swing as I arrived although it looked like the visitors were winning! I love the shot of the Pavillion where the expressions say it all, as does the chap laying flat-out on the bench! The image of the old factory shows the knitting and textiles industry was thriving here although it has long since gone and is now the home of a photographic studio, the pub opposite which was once full of workers now a trendy bar and meeting place. The image of the blue door is purely for the colour, although Id love to know what was hiding behind….a cottage garden maybe? And there it is, a small insight into the place I grew up in, a place I have known all my life and loved to share with you all.


7 thoughts on “41 Day 160 – Saturday Afternoon Views from The Village I Grew up In

  1. A really heart felt blog with images that have helped your narrative. I see the churches have crept in , just love old churches and yet I do not now really why.I suppose its the solitude and peace they can offer. Great insight to knowing you

    • Its funny but reading a blog really can bring you close to people you would ordinarily never get to meet. Its like a window into another world, maybe a world we wouldn’t get to see. Your blog takes me close to a place I would love to be. I think churches are places where time has stood still, that’s what the appeal is to me, another time and another world less stressful….shelter.

      • I totally agree about bringing people close together and this is very enjoyable, with an insight into lives and places we may not ordinarily meet or go to. I am glad my site can invoke such a thought, but the coast is not that far and I hope and this is not too forward may be you will come to this area soon

      • Youre quite right and Im lucky I guess as living in the Midlands Im not that far from anywhere (well maybe Scotland!) Im going to have to pull my finger out and sort a date for my holidays, and Im definately heading that way! Can I book a masterclass???

      • Crikey, yes you are pretty central to nearly every corner of the UK. The UK is your oyster. Talking about things from the water, just wringing out some wet socks, I would be very pleased to help you enjoy sometime with your camera at the coast.

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