41 Day 162 – How Many Points for Photography?

When I’m out walking I often sit and think about things. I have always been a bit of a dreamer, feet firmly rooted on the ground but my head way up in the clouds! Far too often in life we simply become robots, doing the same things, the same way, over and over…..but sometimes we have to escape reality even if it is for a short while and photography is my escape. One question I often ask is this,  ‘Is photography art or science?’ I prefer to see it as art, and avenue to be explored, a different perspective on the mundane, but more and more photography is becoming a science. You can study a degree in it, become a master of it and apply mathematics and logic to it. But I would rather leave this side of it to the ‘photologists’ as I call them! To me photography is picking up the camera and transporting yourself to another place, capturing a moment, changing and challenging what the eye sees. But most of all its about not having to explain yourself, or justify your efforts, or convince others, just enjoy it and see where it can take you.



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