41 Day 163 – The Trees That Never Made it to Summer

When you’re out looking for subjects to shoot its easy to overlook the less attractive things. Its so easy to find beautiful flowers, birds, views, scenery, ignoring those things that we label as unattractive, decaying or dead. So I have decided to celebrate all that is forgotten. It comes from the fact that my cover shot features a dead branch of a tree and I have had many comments about it, so whilst out at a local park I began to notice that there were many trees and plants that had sadly given up the struggle to survive. We had quite a harsh Winter last year followed by some rather wet weather and it seems many things have been affected. The 2 images today are just a few of the things that even in death still possess an ethereal quality, shadows of their former glory but somehow still making their presence felt in the living world. Still providing home, shelter and beauty….just not in the eye of every beholder.


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