41 Day 163 – Beautiful Meadow Brown Butterfly

Whilst out and about I decided to stop and photograph a corn field locally. The fields have taken a battering from the unseasonal heavy rains of late but now the sun has made an appearance they are beginning to turn from green to the most warming shade of golden brown. As I stood taking pictures a noticed something out of the corner of my eye, upon closer careful inspection I saw that it was a glorious butterfly, basking in the late evening sun, warming itself in the last of the rays before nightfall. I inched closer afraid that it would take flight before I could photograph it, but amazingly it remained attached to the ear of corn, like a model posing for the camera, aware of its beauty and revelling in the attention. I have since learned that it is a Meadow Brown species, and although I have not come across one before they are quite common across the British Isles, favouring grassland habitat bordered by hedgerows and although I only caught sight of this one they can live in communities of thousands given the right conditions. Butterflies in Britain are generally in decline and so I feel honoured to have seen this one, enjoyed its fragile beauty and captured it forever in a photo.


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