41 Day 165 – The Harvest Begins

The fields have stood calm and left to their own devices for some time now. The rains have fallen and the winds have lashed them, yet still they stand tall and bow their heads in the breeze. You drive past, music playing loudly, focused on the road ahead, the green of the hedgerows flashing past you at speed, not stopping to see the changes happening alongside the grey highway. But in the heat of the days and the cool of the nights the fields of corn, wheat and barley have grown tall and the stems of each crop support ears of precious grains waiting to be harvested and become the food of humans and animals alike. The field mice gorge on the feast whilst they can, the birds swoop down and stock up on energy giving seed still ripening under a heavy sky, the deer rear their young in the comfort and shelter of the straw walls that surround them, all blissfully unaware of the mechanical monster that lurks in the far away barn at the edge of the field. But soon the fields will be stripped bare of their labours, mice will scurry away and birds will take flight, the deer moved on to wooded comfort for the harvest is coming and the moon will be turned as golden as the mountains of grain stacked high in the barn at the edge of the field.



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