41 Day 166 – The Path Through the Woods

This week is proving to be full of surprises and things are getting hectic to say the least, and as the saying goes ”cant see the wood for the trees!”. But as these two shots prove, at least I can see the light! Walking through the woods there were some faint glimmers of evening sunshine although it was very intermittent and didn’t last long, long enough though to catch the light against the bark of the trees, a shimmering white against the dark of the woodland. There is something magical about woodlands, especially ancient woodlands, I think of how they began, seeds dropped and multiplied, the paths created by animals and then utilised by humans for centuries, linking villages and people, trading goods and food, children playing hide and seek, lovers carving their names in the trunk of a tree, fights and battles, burials and ceremonies…..the trees are the living history…..if only trees could talk!



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