41 Day 168 – Nectar of the Gods

I’m afraid that my target of a post each day has somewhat fallen by the wayside, although I do have a good excuse! I was away last weekend and am now in the process of moving home. Its becoming a challenge to actually reach the computer as it now sits nestled behind a wall of cardboard boxes full of possessions! So in-between the bouts of wrapping, packing and boxing up all that I possess ready for the transportation to my new abode this coming weekend   I have finally managed a window of 5mins to go outside and find an image for this post. I will endeavour to continue the blog over the next 2 weeks although I may be missing again for a short while whilst I unpack my computer and reassemble in the new house, fingers crossed that I remember where all the wires go! You could say that I have been and will be busy as a bee!


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