41 Day 170 – Together

Driving along the road you don’t really get chance to enjoy the countryside around, so now and again I pull over and stop (providing the traffic allows!) and I have a look at the views, or farm animals grazing in the fields……sometimes you see a rabbit racing for the cover of its burrow, or a heron flying lazily overhead. Then there are the times when you see nothing at all….just an empty field of crops, swaying in the breeze, a tree standing proud along the horizon, seemingly not moving, only the hush of the breeze as it passes you by. At first glance this field appeared bereft of anything that I thought would warrant the camera’s attention, but then it struck me, the simplicity of the picture in front of me, the harvest at its peak and amidst the rows of corn two perfectly formed trees on the brow of the hill, no hedgerow, no animals, no birds or flowers, just two trees, stood side by side. After the shot I stood for a moment and wondered at those two trees, how long had they been stood there, side by side, growing at the same pace, day in and day out…..but always together.


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