41 Day 174 – Photojog! The new Fitness for Togs!

Haha, I may just have invented some new kind of exercise…photojogging! Ok maybe its not quite the way forward but it manages to combine fitness and exercise with photography, only the camera bag does tend to bounce around a little so tomorrow I think I will try it but use the rucksack! Seriously though, Id spotted that the fields opposite where I live were in the process of being harvested and so I decided to go and take some photos, but to walk there I pondered what to wear. Remembering that I promised to start exercising more after my move (and I have no excuse as there is a perfect cycle and jogging path alongside the main road) I put on my trainers and headed out. A walk turned into a trot…..and in no time I was alongside the field, shooting happily, breaking all the rules by shooting directly into the sun, but I like the effect. A motorist pulled into the gateway, a little suprised to see what on first appearance seemed to be a jogger and then quickly realised I was a tog in disguise! He too had had the same idea and began shooting with his Canon EOS (model unknown). So, having grabbed some nice shots I bid him farewell & continued along the roadside until I was at the same gated entrance to the fields that I used a few evenings before. A spider had made a web conveniently by the fence and the sunlight backlit it beautifully, although the breeze played havoc with my focusing skills! Anyway, I’m quite pleased that I managed to a) get some exercise and b) grab some nice images…..photojogging is something I could get quite accustomed to!




3 thoughts on “41 Day 174 – Photojog! The new Fitness for Togs!

  1. Sounds like a great idea. But knowing me I will be jogging with the camera firmly pressed against my face as I fall and trip down a rabbit hole, but at least I would get a few action shots. I really like the third and last images.

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