41 Day 176 – Sunday Simplicity

A lovely day and a well deserved rest, my idea of a great Sunday. Didnt have much planned so decided to go for a walk round the common and woods and catch up on some happy snapping. The woods are changing so fast now that the Summer seems to have surrendered to Autumn but Im happy as Autumn is my favourite time of the year. The green canopies of the woods have given way to dried sun-scortched leaves hanging in crispy bundles of brown, almost chargrilled in places! Other species are undergoing chemical changes and the signs of oranges and reds are beginning to show through, I cant wait for the next few weeks to see how deep the colours turn this year, weather presenters are forecasting a good year for Autumn colours, fingers crossed. But today’s image is not one of trees, it is a simple shot of a common plant found on the common land, still sunny in colour and disposition, still worshiping the sun, a reminder that although Autumn approaches, Summer can still be found if you look close enough.

Summer Simplicity


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