41 Day 178 – Tabby Cats & Timing

As I write this my beautiful tabby cat Slipper is laying across the keyboard and so please excuse any odd spellings as Im having some difficulty typing around him! Earlier this morning he decided that he was to be centre of attention, nothing unusual about that other than the fact that he simply wouldnt let me get on with anything without being right at the centre of things….a theme that seems to have continued into this evening! So, I took this self centred-ness and put it to good use, making him the theme of my blog today, but let me ask you, have you ever tried to take a portrait of a cat???? Now I have photographed dogs, horses (and humans!) but the fidgety feline is by far the most challenging of portrait subjects I have come across and for one simple reason, they want fuss more than they want their photo taking! So, after much fidgeting, spinning around and generally much bribery (a shaky bag of cat treats was deployed!) I managed to capture him at his most attentive. So, rules to be applied in future, always have a bag of treats to hand, plenty of patience and shoot as fast as you can! And to prove just how much of a diva Slipper was Ive included a shot that demonstrates how not to photograph cats, a rather blurred tabby!



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