41 Day 180 – Faded Glory from the Roadside

Today is the Autumn Equinox, Summer is fading fast and the glorious colours of Autumn are beginning to show. As I drove home tonight I followed my usual route, but just before I reached home I saw this little poppy, alone on the verge, a final flurry of colour before retreating to the soil to hibernate before breaking free again next Summer. So, I parked the car, walked back to the poppy and shot into the fading light, cars speeding past unaware, or wondering what on earth I was doing. The results were odd as Id had to shoot in relatively low daylight but had the headlights of cars to deal with as well as the poppy dancing on the breeze, but having ramped up the ISO I opened it up on my computer and actually I really like the grainy effect that the low light high ISO combo has given me with the shallow silhouette. Unusual, somewhat a final curtain call for this poppy,  the red curtains of the theatrical petals closing, bowing out, lights down and  the end of this years show.



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