41 Day 183 – Blue Moon

Yes, I have jumped from 181 to 183 because no sooner had I posted the last post I realised that I had duplicated the number! So, it is officially day 183, and last night I watched the most glorious moon rise above the house behind mine through my windows. I rushed to grab my camera but didn’t have the best lens attached at the time but the movement of the clouds over the face of the moon was so fast that I didn’t have time to swap lenses. So, these shots are not the sharpest, but the soft blur actually gives the shots a real dreamy feel to them, and I was suprised at the range of colours that I managed to capture as the light changed through the clouds. I have to admit that I dabbled a little with the WB setting to achieve the ‘blue moon’ shots but the other is completely out of the camera. Once I had finished snapping away, and my battery had given up the ghost, I uploaded the shots and do you know what the first thing that came to mind was? Neil Armstrong…..looking at those shots thinking to myself  ‘he actually walked up there’, on that glowing moon so far from home, how it must have felt to stand there and look back at the Earth, we all spend so much time looking at the moon but he and few other priviledged brave conquerors did exactly the reverse….now there’s a surreal thought!



5 thoughts on “41 Day 183 – Blue Moon

  1. They are fantastic! And I know how hard these are to catch. I have tried and not got these fantastic pictures. I wish you a great sunday!

    • Christina thank you so much! This is a subject that I am going to try to capture better in the future, this blog has made me photograph things that i would never have considered before, a real challenge! I hope that you had a great Sunday too!

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