41 Day 185 – My First Kingfisher! Well I Can See Him!

My work colleague and friend Maggie lives on a canal boat and needed to visit the local chandlers (I think that’s what you call a shop that sells boat things!) which is situated alongside the canal at Brinklow, Warwickshire. So, I thought it would be a nice change from sitting at mt desk for lunch and also a good chance to maybe catch a picture or two. I wandered down the towpath onto the grass and stood for a moment watching a boat coming towards me, steam rising from the chimney as it made its way peacefully between 2 rows of moored boats, some aged and other pristine. As they neared the lady at the front of the boat called out to me with much excitement, announcing that they had been accompanied for several boat lengths by a Kingfisher! Now, the illusive Kingfisher is a bird that I have wanted to photograph for sometime, but spotting them is extremely difficult and this lady had also tried to grab her camera but missed her opportunity and so as they passed I tiptoed towards where they had seen it and stood quietly, hoping for a glimpse! But it was not to be, well not in the 2 or 3 minutes I had as we needed to head back to the office. But, upon looking back at the images, on image 29 if you look really closely at the boat moored on the left of the picture, you can just see the head of the Kingfisher as it sat on the edge of the roof!!! Now I know that to the seasoned bird photographers among you this is a pretty poor effort, but firstly I didnt know at that stage that he was there, and secondly if I had known I would have focused on him! Im on holiday next week, I know where I will be heading!


2 thoughts on “41 Day 185 – My First Kingfisher! Well I Can See Him!

  1. If it’s any consolation, I’ve been trying to two years to get a photo of the Kingfisher who lives on/around my pond. He is not at all cooperative. 🙂

    • I’m starting to see this! Illusive little things! All i can say is keep trying and I look forward to finally seeing your shot! Thanks for stopping by!

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