41 Day 186 – A Weekend in Sussex

I have been on holiday for a week and so had promised that I would stay away from computers as long as possible seeing as I spend most of my life glued to them! But, I have given in and so it’s back to the blog and following my mini break to the South Coast I have some wonderful images to share with you over the coming days.I will begin with the moment that I walked along the track from Seven Sisters car park following the sign ‘To The Beach’! Now, as most of you know I am 41yrs old – however at this moment in time I was transported back to being 10yrs old, the sheer excitement of seeing the sea again after several years of spending weekends away in the beautiful Lake District – I have to admit to even breaking into a jog over the brow of the hill and letting out a woop as I saw the sea!! anyway, the images today are of the walk towards the beach, the moment I walked over the brow of the hill and a couple of views right and left from the top of the shingle beach at Birling Gap….(the only difference being that aged 10 I carried a 110 camera not a DSLR!)



8 thoughts on “41 Day 186 – A Weekend in Sussex

  1. These photos are very beautiful ! I discovered you through JDT’s blog, I’m very happy to discover your beautiful images !

    • Hi Jocelyne, I feel quite honored that you looked at my images, as JDT’s are simply stunning! I really admire his work and my visit was like stepping into his world for a moment, although my shots are nowhere near as good as his! He is a real inspiration to me and so thank you once again for taking the time to look at my blog!

      • You’re welcome Lucy. But you know, your photos are really beautiful too and I mean it. When it comes to our photos we are so hard on ourselves and others find them so much more beautiful than we do !

    • Hi Ruth and thank you so much for stopping to comment! I would love to venture out and do more coastal walks, I think next time i visit I will follow your advice and go to Cuckmere Haven as you say, I will remember your blog when i do! Thanks again for your comment, it means a lot to me.

    • That is a wonderful comment James, means a lot to me as you know the area sooooo well! Thats the thing with short visits, you never know quite what you are going to see! But the change of scenery was good for my photographic soul!

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