41 Day 187 – Waves on a Sussex Beach

Following on from my last post I wanted to continue the story from my weekend trip to Sussex. The weather was absolutely perfect when I reached the beach, the sun was shining, the sky was the palest blue reflected in the sea and there was a slight breeze that seemed to propel the waves into the shingle beach, sometimes with a gentle nudge but occasionally with some force! I have often read JDT Photography’s blog (if you haven’t Id seriously recommend it!) and wished that I had the opportunity to photograph the coastal landscape and so this was a real treat for me! I wont even begin to tell you how many shots I took at Birling Gap beach, but it was more than a few! The one thing that I learned was that you have to have bucket loads of patience as nature will deliver a photo opportunity only when she feels like it……oh and the other valuable lesson was that when you are lying down to shoot the waves, make sure you can get up super quick when that wave is a little larger than you expected!!!




3 thoughts on “41 Day 187 – Waves on a Sussex Beach

    • It must be strange to see how others photograph a place that you know so well…..so I will take this as high praise indeed!! Thanks for your comments, your critique / support is very welcome!

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