41 Day 191 – Coombe Abbey Autumn

Earlier this year I went to Coombe Abbey, a local country park and hotel situated on the grounds of an old abbey and photographed the trees in full summer canopy, today I returned to same spot and wow what a difference! The colour’s this year are very golden and although there is now a cool nip in the air the leaves almost make you feel warm and cosy. Sadly I think that my lens is in need of a service as most of the shots appear out of focus and blurred, even though the camera was telling me that the shot was in focus, so I may even return tomorrow with my other lens to try to get ‘that picture’!! But here is one of the clearer shots to warm you up on a cool Autumn evening!




10 thoughts on “41 Day 191 – Coombe Abbey Autumn

  1. I liked the way you framed this scene, balancing the left side with the open space on the right side. It would have been easy, and much less effective, to have stood in the middle of the lane and fired away. The responses were well deserved.

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